Moderne Erziehung



Kümmerst du dich wirklich gerade um dein Kind, oder tust du nur so?


6 Gedanken zu “Moderne Erziehung

      • Firstly, I apologize for my lack response, sister. It was hard to reply when I used phone.
        you’re most welcome, sister. And jazakillah khoir for your dua. To you as well, my sister!
        If you don’t mind, please share your family pics in next ‚iedul fitr to me, via email. Thank you so much! 💗💝💗

      • Dear Sister, you don´t had to apologize at all. I´m so grateful having you as a friend. Alhamdulillah. insahallah, i will send you some pic from our Idul fitr. You can send me some as well if you like. It´s so kind of you that you always pay attention to my Blog. May allah blesses you and your familiy <3<3

      • Thank you so much, Sister Saxhida! Alhamdulillah I have received your beautiful pic,, I loved it! It was my pleasure, sis.. I wish I could learn your language too… 😉 I’m more blessed to have you as my sister in Islam! Jazakillah khoir for your dua, ameen summa ameen! To you too as well! ❤

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