The Inquisitive Mind

Islam is such a straightforward and exemplary religion. It demands nothing more than to declare— that Allah(swt) is the only God and Muhammad(pbuh) is the messenger of Allah(swt). It is the only true and perfect religion, with the best guides for its believers in the holy Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). It is Islam that is perfect, but its followers— the Muslims have their share of imperfections. There has nevertheless been a major refinement in the quality of the ‚deen‘ of Muslims— in the present generation and era due to the continuous striving of many renowned scholars.


However, there are times when the idiosyncrasies of the human mind (the Muslim mind), get the better off his faith in the creator. Such are the times, when one is convinced by the widespread malady of superstitions. A malady so worse that it destroys one’s ‚emaan‘, makes one lose his/her…

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