Seeking Sincerity

It was just his face
she remembers looking at
not his clothes or shoes
or even how tall he was, the obvious,
she didn’t pay attention to the obvious,
but how could she?
it was just his face, the smirk
that played on his lips
before transforming into
a full evil grin,
baring all his teeth,
his mouth seemed to be moving
but she couldn’t understand
what he was „saying“
but how could she?

Her mind couldn’t think beyond
the way he looked at her,
but then again,
he didn’t just look at her
it wasn’t „just a look“
it could never have been „just a look“.

His eyes, those demonic eyes
travelled up and down her body
making her flinch inwardly,
making her want to shirk to invisibility,
her thoughts shifting in an instant
„is something wrong with my clothes?
there must be something wrong with…“

frantically trying to…

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